Are you sometimes tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Do you want to feel genuinely good and healthy in body and mind?

You are not alone. With us, you get a break and the strength to deal with life. Or just a cup of tea. Every week we hold meditation & relaxation sessions in the center. But also courses, for example in yoga philosophy, self development, live meditation concerts with kirtan and retreats.

Actually, it's mostly about feeling good inside. And finding your way back to stillness. Feel free to drop by, we hope to see you!

Trondheim Meditasjon
 For the world to be peaceful, we have to be peaceful within ourselves

Our courses

We want to share all that the meditation and yoga lifestyle has to offer, and we are sure that you will be able to find something that is right for you :) For example, you can join the free meditation every week:

  • Tuesdays 18:00
    Mantra meditation intro class

    An intro to mantra meditation, includes meditation practice (50 min).
  • Tuesdays 19:00
    Rest & Relax
    Strech and relax - gentle yoga for 30 min, followed by Yoga Nidra - guided relaxation of the entire body in a calm atmosphere (50 min).
  • Wednesdays 19:00
     Vedic insights and reflections - A course on yoga philosophy
  • Fridays 18:00
    Candlelight kirtan
    Chill-out meditation with music at the end of the work week
  • Sundays  18:00 
    Sunday Night Kirtan
    Heartfelt group music meditation. Our most popular evening. Tea and cakes served after the meditation. (ca 1,5 t)

    No sign-up needed, just come as you are :-)
kristian & lisa

In addition to weekly courses, we also have:

Meditation concerts

Kirtans with a full band and great vibes! You must experience it yourself, that’s all we’re going to say…

Yoga day retreat

Give yourself a whole day with yoga, relaxation, meditation, healthy good food, good conversations and meet new people!

Cooking classes

Learn to make healthy & flavorful vegetarian food from scratch.


Get far away from the city's stress and experience the good vibes with meditation, yoga, vegetarian food, friendship, and much more.

Gratis meditasjon i Trondheim

About us

Namaste and welcome!
We are a group of friends who love mantra meditation, also known as kirtan or yoga sound meditation. Since we derive so much joy from meditation ourselves, we would love to share this with you too!
That's our motivation for running Oslo Meditation. Our organization is donation-based, and we have been offering courses in Oslo since the late 90s. The meditation itself and the mantras come from the Vedic texts and a long line of spiritual teachers, Brahma-Gaudiya-Sampradaya, who have been teaching these techniques and the yoga philosophy for centuries.

We want to offer you a place where you can feel at home and find more harmony. In other words: Come as you are.

Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all these things and still be calm in your heart.

The team behind Oslo Meditation & Yoga.



Magda is the unifying person among us.
She always brings good vibes and makes the best vegetarian food...!
Loves to sing mantras and play and create music.
Often teaches classes in meditation, relaxation, and yoga philosophy. Has over 25 years of experience with meditation.



Enjoys time in nature for contemplation and reflection.
Also loves meditation and plays guitar and/or bass. Handles the technical aspects, such as sound, lighting, etc.
Always ready for an outing, no matter the season. Has over 20 years of experience and teaches courses in meditation and yoga philosophy.



Our number one joy spreader and talented musician, who has been practicing meditation for over 15 years.
Has experience in many areas and is good at giving of himself. It's a delight to hear him lead kirtan with his beautiful voice and what comes out of his guitar...!



Skilled at organizing events, has a strong determination, a warm smile, and a heart in the right place, it seems like she has an endless supply of energy... she says she gets it from meditation, which she has been doing for over 13 years. She enjoys being active, cooking, and having fun with friends.



Rikard is passionate about literature and the philosophy on which yoga and meditation are based, and how to convey the essence of this to others.
He finds great joy in kirtan and enjoys composing his own little melodies.
Likes to spend time at his cabin in Telemark. He has been practicing meditation for over 17 years.



Loves making healthy cakes and other dishes! Is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, both for the body and mind, and regularly practices yoga. Interested in essential oils and herbs for good health.
An artist in her spare time, she enjoys living in harmony with nature. She has been practicing meditation for about 10 years.

You'll find us here.

Sagene Kunstsmie, Arendalsgata 10

See exactly where we are in Sagene.


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Meditation music

Listen to and download mantra music & guided relaxation.

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Tromsø Meditasjon

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